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“The only business program my university offered was economics, you really helped me get up to speed in accounting and finance quickly.  I just found out I got a full time offer from IG4 Capital!”

-Beatriz D., Financial Analyst at IG4 Capital

"Your class prepared me for my interviews at JP Morgan."

-Ayten H., Product Control Analysts at JP Morgan

“I wanted to thank you for teaching me so well.  The experience strengthened my resolve to become an investment banker after college”

-Paige F., M&A Analyst at Garrison Health"

"I just wanted to let you know that I got a full time job at The World Bank.  My boss was impressed by my financial knowledge and comes to me for help"

-Xuetong W., Financial Analyst at The World Bank

“Coming from a non-target school, I would not have been able to break into Wall Street without your training.  I nailed three interviews in a row.”

-Andrew H., Leveraged Finance Analyst at TD Securities

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